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The next generation decentralized order book exchange
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Trade crypto with low fees and zero slippage
Our order book exchange is the most capital efficient way to trade crypto without trusting a third party custodian
Efficiently trade crypto via a next generation decentralized order book, enabled by the high performance environment of Starknet
Automated liquidity provision
Earn yield by providing liquidity in an automated way. Just like how you would on any AMM with concentrated liquidity
The most efficient decentralized exchange for trading crypto
Order book trading
Experience seamless trading with our high-throughput, on-chain order book system
Continuous liquidity provision
Automatically emulate a market maker’s role, foster a liquid, vibrant trading environment, and earn fees
Multi-level order placement
Maximize your trading strategy with custom limit orders, spreading your bid or ask prices
Flexible trading strategies
Personalize your trading to align with your risk tolerance, choosing from our diverse strategic options