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Meet the team

Nostra is developed by the team at Tempus Labs

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David Garai
David is responsible for providing strategic, financial and operational leadership. He previously worked as a structured finance lawyer in London and Tokyo. In his spare time, David enjoys shitposting on Twitter.
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Đorđe Mijović
Đorđe takes responsibility for technological oversight at Nostra. He previously worked as a core Solidity compiler developer at Ethereum Foundation.
Product Development
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Frontend Lead
Daniele is one of Nostra's frontend engineers. He has worked in a wide array of industries, including gaming, insurance, fintech, banking, and now DeFi.
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Head of Research
George heads up research at Nostra. He has over 15 years' experience working in global hedge funds, investment banks, and fintechs, where he has researched, trained, and traded.
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QA Engineer
Irinel is responsible for ensuring Nostra meets specified requirements. He has over 5 years' experience of manual and automated QA. He also has a PhD in Physics.
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Graphic Designer
Jeroen handles the graphic design work for Nostra. He has around 9 years of experience as a designer, working for a variety of (Web3) clients. Bought his first shitcoins in 2013.
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Frontend Engineer
Lazar is one of Nostra's frontend engineers. He has over 6 years' software engineering experience. Before joining Nostra, he worked as a software graphics engineer making 3D and VR applications.
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UX Designer
Olaf is responsible for making Nostra as easy to use as possible. He has over 8 years' experience as a designer working in both traditional finance and various design agencies making web and product designs.
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Head of Product
Richard is responsible for shipping products that users love. He previously worked at some of the largest banks focusing on global markets and derivatives. He also has a Masters degree in Cognitive and Decision Sciences from UCL.
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Quantitative Analyst
SayMyName is our resident quantitative guru. He has over 7 years' experience in financial modeling and risk analytics in banks, insurance companies, and asset management firms.
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Blockchain Engineer
Stefan is one of Nostra's blockchain engineers. He has over 8 years' full stack and system architect experience in developing and implementing different systems. Before joining Nostra, Stefan worked at Composable Finance.
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Frontend Engineer
Tim is one of Nostra's frontend engineers. He worked at IBM for over 8 years and for a further 5 years as a developer in various startups. He is also a Doge meme lover.
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Blockchain Engineer
Vukašin is one of Nostra's frontend engineers. Before joining Nostra, he was an intern at the Microsoft Mixed Reality & AI Lab team and worked as an iOS developer at a Swiss video-oriented start-up.
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Blockchain Engineer
Yuval is one of Nostra's blockchain engineers. He has over 5 years' experience at both Web3 startups such as Bancor and Web2 software companies like Microsoft.
Marketing & Business Development
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Business Development Manager
Connor is responsible for growing new partnerships at Nostra. Connor's been a crypto degen since 2013. Before joining Nostra, Connor worked as a broker in derivatives, and early-stage venture capital in DeFi & fintech.
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Business Development Manager
Dhruv manages relationships with Nostra's partners. Before joining Nostra, Dhruv worked as a debt finance lawyer at a major US law firm where he represented private equity sponsors on leveraged acquisitions.
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Business Development Lead
Josh is in charge of overseeing business development (including partnerships and integrations) at Nostra. Before joining the crypto scene, he previously worked as a financial services regulatory lawyer.
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Business Development Manager
Pujeet handles Nostra's relationship with its various partners. He is an MSc Economics student at the London School of Economics and is also the Director of London Blockchain Labs.
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Head of Marketing
Tony leads our efforts to make Nostra well known in the multiverse. He’s a degen from the 2017 class who’s been working in the marketing teams of financial and blockchain companies for the last decade. Previously, he led communications at Polygon Hermez.
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Executive Assistant
Adri is responsible for assisting with the smooth running of Nostra's operational affairs. Before joining Nostra, Adri worked in the FMCG sector as an internal and external communications specialist.
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Office Manager
Milica is responsible for the general operation of Nostra's office. Before joining Nostra, Milica worked for the Embassy of Canada in Serbia, where she supported activities related to Protocol, Education, Culture and Trade.