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Nostra Swap

The next generation stable swap decentralized exchange

Launching soon

How it works


Efficiently swap stablecoins for UNO or any other stablecoin


Earn yield by providing liquidity for any supported stablecoin


Nostra Swap is the most efficient decentralized exchange to swap your stablecoins, such as UNO on Starknet

Enhanced yield

Liquidity providers can earn swap fees and yield from the integration with Nostra Money Market, which results in deeper liquidity

Dynamic fees

Swap fees can be adjusted dynamically to balance the needs of liquidity providers, traders, and pool stability depending on the market conditions

Highly liquid markets

Nostra Swap is the most liquid stable asset exchange on Starknet

Pool rewards and gauges

Nostra Swap supports incentivized pools and gauges that provide active engagement for liquidity providers and other protocols